The Wolverine-Buckeye Tournament Company was started in 2014 by Matt Sandles and began as one tournament, the Wolverine-Buckeye World Series, in 2015. The tournament was a major success! It had over 40 teams. The next year the World Series grew to 133 teams. Now we try to run tournaments every single weekend due to the overwhelming interest.


One reason that we are separating locations except for the World Series is so that teams know exactly where they are playing.

If you have any questions about any Wolverine-Buckeye tournaments, please contact Matt Sandles at 248-752-8185, Novisandles@aol.com, MattSandles@gmail.com, and at the Twitter handle @WBTournaments.




Welcome to the Wolverine-Buckeye Tournament Company! My name is Matt Sandles and I am your tournament director. I will post all tournament schedules on the website (WolverineBuckeyeTournamentCompany.com). Go on there, click on the appropriate schedule, search for your age division, and then find your team's schedule.


Please print out a copy of these rules and have them with you at all times so that you can reference them if needed.


During the tournaments, please send all e-mails to Novisandles@aol.com since that is my main e-mail address. My cell phone number is 248-752-8185. Norm Sandles can be reached at 586-246-2588 if I cannot be reached for any reason. 


All scores must be e-mailed to me and tweeted to the Twitter handle @WBTournaments as soon as your games are over. Please do it this way. Please text me about anything else regarding the tournament except scores. I want to keep them separate. Also, I need all players, parents, coaches, and fans to follow the Twitter page so that no one ends up missing anything important.


Here are the primary rules and policies surrounding the tournament. Rules not specifically outlined below are covered by the NFHS Baseball Rules (for baseball) and USSSA rules for softball. Softball will only use USSSA rules. Everything else you see below is for baseball only.


  • Pool play baseball games may not start a new inning after two hours in 14U-18U. 1:45 for 8U-13U or any softball.

  • As of April 27, 2018, the time limit for all softball games will be 1:30 unless something different is listed on the schedule. In that situation, go with what is on the schedule.

  • Anything not covered here is at Matt Sandles' discretion. Unique situations arise sometimes.

  • If any specific directions or rules are listed on a schedule, they override anything you see here.

  • Metal cleats and spikes are not allowed at Adrian College's Nicolay Field (baseball) except that they may be worn by pitchers. Any players caught wearing metal spikes will be asked to change shoes immediately.

  • Seeds will not be allowed at Adrian College, Siena Heights, Cooley Law School Stadium, and at Mercy Field.

  • All umpire decisions are final and will be handled at the field. There are no protests. Please contact Paul McBride about any umpire issues. His number is 586-536-1709. Paul will be coordinating umpires.

  • Pool play games can end in a tie. Playoff games must be played to completion.

  • In 14U-18U pool play games, no new inning will start after two hours (we can have ties). 13U will be an hour and 45 minutes. Playoff games at 13U-18U will start with a runner on second base (last out from the previous inning) in the eighth inning and have no time limit.

  • The tournament directors reserve the right to reformat the tournament in any way they see fit due to inclement weather. We will try to be as fair as possible.

  • Teams may not use players with identical jersey numbers. If a team brings a second player into the game with an identical jersey number as a player who has already played in the game, the second player is immediately ejected as is the Head Coach. The only exception is if this is brought to both the opposing coach's attention and the umpire's attention prior to the game starting.

  • If a fan, coach, or player causes such a scene that the game must be delayed, the fan has five minutes to leave the field or the team that he or she is affiliated with will forfeit the game. The umpire has discretion as to which team the offending person (or people) (is/are) affiliated with.

  • Teams may use one Designated Hitter (DH) and as many Extra Hitters (EH) as they like. We want to encourage participation by as many players as possible and we want as many players playing as possible.

  • Teams must designate who each player is and for what player the DH will be hitting for in the field of play.

  • Should teams enter the DH in to the field of play, the DH position will be eliminated for the rest of the current game.

  • The EH(s) may also enter the field of play but MUST remain in their current batting position.

  • The player for which the EH(s) (has/have) replaced in the field will now become the EH but will remain in the same batting position.

  • Starters can re-enter once. Subs are done for the game once they are removed from the game for the first time.

  • Teams will be given adequate time to warm up between games but they need to hurry at Ned Skeldon, Adrian College, and Siena Heights (for baseball).

  • Pool Play: Coaches will be subject to a coin flip prior to the start of each game to determine who is Home/Visitor.

  • Please complete this as soon as possible to provide pitchers an adequate amount of time to get loose.

  • Anyone playing at Ned Skeldon Stadium, please use the portijohns.

  • The higher seed will have the choice to be the home team in all playoff games.

  • Novi High School does not allow consumption of sunflower seeds or non-water beverages. All trash must be picked up and the dugout must be left spotless. No garbage and water bottles should be left in the bat racks.

  • The Field of Dreams in Dearborn Heights will not have gate fees.

  • All baseball age groups will use age rules that are as follows.: May 1st age cutoff date unless a player is in the same grade as that age group. For example, 13U players cannot turn 14 until after May 1st or must be in the 7th grade that year. The only exception to this rule will be for officially registered American Legion teams and those teams must follow Legion roster rules and restrictions. Standard travel teams do not need to worry about that. If you have any questions about this please contact Matt Sandles.

  • Canadian teams that are 14U and under may use their age rules. Canadian teams that are 15U and up must use standard American age rules.

  • All softball age groups will use a January 1st age cutoff date.

  • Courtesy runners are allowed at all times for the pitcher and catcher only.

  • There will be a standard time limit for all baseball playoff games except for Championship Games which will have a 2:30 time limit. This is new as of July 17, 2018.

  • In determining seeding, we will go by record, head-to-head, runs against, runs scored, run differential, and then coin toss. If teams have played a different number of games due to weather then we will go by average runs against, average runs scored, average run differential, etc. Please note that if teams have played a different number of games, record and number of wins and losses will become irrelevant. Forfeits will be scored as 6-0 wins.

  • Rain and inclement weather can play a role in any tournament. If rain comes into play, we will try to play every game. However, there is no guarantee that will happen. If that is impossible we will play as many games as possible and play the most important games first. Tie Breakers can become confusing.

  • Verbal and physical abuse of umpires will not be tolerated. 

  • Umpires and field staff reserve the right to eject fans.

  • Weather delays are at the discretion of umpires and on-site staff.

  • I will do everything I can to keep the Twitter feed and the website as updated as possible throughout the tournament.

  • No pre-game batting practice or infield may be taken on the field between games but ground balls may be hit in foul territory.

  • Rain delays do not stop time limits. No new inning may start after the regular time limit to keep games running on schedule. However, if not enough innings are played for it to be considered an official game, it will be considered a 0-0 tie unless a team is leading by at least eight runs when the game is called. In this case, the current score will be the final score. Example: Team A is beating Team B 7-0 in the bottom of the third inning when the game is called. Because they were only leading by seven runs, this will be deemed a 0-0 tie. Games with rain delays will not have extra innings unless there is time remaining. Games that have rain delays will most likely will not be made up or continued.

  • All teams must provide two new baseballs or softballs to the home plate umpire prior to the start of each game. This is due to the fact that I am giving out so many discounted entries. The baseballs or softballs should be of high school quality. Each team must provide used baseballs or softballs as needed during the course of the game. Coaches, please see that each team retrieves foul balls on their respective sides.  The Buckeye Elite Showcase and Triple Crown Sports have similar policies.

  • 14U-18U baseball teams must use -3 BBCOR or wood bats. All other age groups of baseball and softball will abide by the same bat policies that the United States Sports Specialty Association (USSSA) uses.

  • Mercy Rules: If a team is leading by fifteen runs after three innings, ten runs after four innings, or eight runs after five innings, the game is over. This is for baseball only. Softball will use USSSA rules.

  • Teams should be prepared and ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game is set to begin.

  • Games completed early will result in an early start for the following games, weather permitting.

  • The tournament director has the right to shorten or forfeit a game should teams not be ready to start their scheduled game on time.

  • I will not ask teams to submit rosters. However, I am trusting teams.

  • If a team is caught using players who are too old (like a team was on July 22, 2017), they are kicked out of the tournament immediately and are banned until I choose to let them back in.

  • If any team is caught cheating, they will immediately forfeit all games they played up until that point and if they are caught during a game, it also includes that game. The other teams will be credited with 6-0 victories.

  • Players must be able to show some form of ID if their age is questioned by another team.

  • Any threats made towards players, fans, umpires, or the tournament directors will not be tolerated.

  • Age groups may be combined if necessary.

  • A team may start a game with eight players.

  • If a game is forfeited by a team no-showing, there is no guarantee that the game will be made up.

  • Teams are responsible for anything that is posted on the Twitter account, including rule changes.

  • Any ejected player or coach may return for the following game but may be removed from the tournament altogether at the tournament director's discretion (and if their actions warrant it).

  • A team may not compete in the playoffs if they forfeit a game during pool play for any reason.

  • In regards to weather, four and a half innings will signal a complete game. However, if half an inning is played prior to the game being called, the score will revert to the previous inning. For example, let's say Team B is beating Team A 2-0 heading into the top of the fifth. Team A takes a lead and after four and a half innings Team A leads 3-2. Then the game is called due to weather. Team B would win the game 2-0 due to reverting back to the previous inning.

  • As stated on the website, there are no refunds unless Matt Sandles cancels a tournament ahead of time or if there are not enough teams to run an age group (however, the age group refund does not apply if age groups are combined). On any refund, the PayPal tax or credit card processing fee will not be refunded. Only the actual tournament fee would be refunded.

  • Baserunners must slide or attempt to avoid contact. If they do not, they risk ejection.

  • I reserve the right to add and change rules as I see fit. Sometimes you have to adapt.

  • Players may only play for one team in each age group each weekend. However, for example, a player may play in both the 12U and 13U baseball age groups each weekend if they choose to do so. This is because some organizations may need to call up a player in order to field a team. This is better than a potential forfeit.

  • Any player caught using an illegal bat is done for the tournament. There's a difference between arguing a play or arguing balls and strikes and cheating.

  • Any player that throws a punch is banned from the tournament permanently.

  • Any player, coach, or fan who makes unwanted physical contact with an umpire is banned from the tournament permanently.

  • Anyone who threatens the Tournament Director is banned from the tournament permanently.

  • If any game is ended due to the actions of fans, players, parents, or coaches, the score will revert back to the score at the end of the previous inning unless the home team is hitting and is winning or the score is tied. In that case the home team would win. If this occurs between half innings, the score will be treated as if it is the bottom of the inning (once the third out in the top of the inning is recorded, it will be viewed as now the bottom of the inning immediately).

  • If a game ends at Willie Horton Field at midnight due to the lights being shut off, the score will revert back to the score at the end of the previous inning unless the home team is hitting and is winning or the score is tied. In that case the home team would win. If this occurs between half innings, the score will be treated as if it is the bottom of the inning (once the third out in the top of the inning is recorded, it will be viewed as now the bottom of the inning immediately).

  • The Tournament Director may make any changes that he sees necessary at any time.

  • Profanity and physical contact will not be tolerated. Any player or coach that swears or pushes anyone is immediately ejected.

  • Any credit card payments that are refunded will not include the tax or processing fee.

  • Not all games that are rained out will be made up but I will make an attempt to have it happen if the logistics work out. But by signing up for tournaments you acknowledge that this is a possibility.

  • Softball teams will use USSSA rules for bats, gameplay, age restrictions, etc.

  • Some of the fields may charge gate fees but not all of them.

  • If you are going to drop out of a tournament, please do it before I release the schedule for that weekend.

  • There is no guarantee that rained out games will be made up.

  • 8U Baseball will play with a 40' mound and 60' bases.

  • 9U Baseball and 10U Baseball will play with a 46' mound and 65' bases.

  • 11U Baseball and 12U Baseball will play with a 50' mound and 70' bases.

  • 13U Baseball will play with a 54' mound and 80' bases.

  • 14U Baseball will play with a 60'6" mound and 90' bases unless otherwise specified.

  • 15U Baseball, 16U Baseball, and 17U/18U Baseball will play with a 60'6" mound and 90' bases.

  • 8U Softball, 9U Softball, and 10U Softball will pitch from 35' and have 60' bases.

  • 11U Softball and 12U Softball will pitch from 40' and have 60' bases.

  • 13U Softball, 14U Softball, 15U Softball, 16U Softball, and 17U/18U Softball will pitch from 43' and have 60' bases.

  • 14U Baseball teams may use only wood bats or -3 BBCOR bats.

  • All softball games will play seven innings (prior to extra innings).

  • 8U-12U baseball games will play six innings (prior to extra innings).

  • 13U-18U baseball games will play seven innings (prior to extra innings).

  • As of April 23, 2018, baserunners must slide feet first or give themselves up if the catcher has the ball. Baserunners will be out if they attempt to hurdle the catcher.

  • USSSA rules may be referred to and applied by Matt Sandles at any time and at his discretion.

  • Baseball only: The first-third move is NOT a balk in any of my tournaments.

  • Baseball only: Please be very careful with your pitchers' arms. Please try not to pitch a kid more than ten innings if a tournament if possible. This is a recommendation, not a hard rule.

  • There are no refunds due to forfeits.

  • There are no refunds due to forgetting a rule or not noticing something on the website.

  • By registering for a Wolverine-Buckeye tournament, you are agreeing for the likeness of all affiliated coaches, players, and fans to be used in future Wolverine-Buckeye promotional and marketing materials.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


- Matt Sandles

Cell Phone: (248)752-8185

E-Mail: Novisandles@aol.com

Twitter: @WBTournaments